Technology Attorneys

Website Policies

Depending on the website you have, informational, entertainment, ecommerce, you will need to explore various website policies such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service Agreements, Click Wrap Agreements and more.

We will go through your site, even in beta, and explore the best ways to give your end user peace of mind using the site as well as protecting your interests.

Through transparency and notice, you can comply with various privacy laws both in the US and globally such as the GDPR while protecting your commercial interests.

Domain Name Dispute

While cybersquatting doesn’t feel as prevalent as it used to be.  It still happens that someone may be squatting on your domain name or using a domain name to harass you and your business.

We look at various methods both legally and technologically to protect your brand and domain.

Reputation Management

If it’s on the internet, it must be true!  Unfortunately, even if we know that statement is an over exaggeration, every one of us has to contend with misinformation on the internet.

As professionals, business owners or private citizens, our reputation online matters.  After all, the internet is the first place people look up information about you.

Like everything we do at Sulimani Law Firm, we utilize a 360 approach to achieve results.  Through legal and technology means, we look at reducing the misinformation, increasing your goodwill on the internet and help you clean up your reputation online.

We will also work together to help you build a stronger brand to help maintain your good reputation online.

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