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Sulimani Law Firm, PC was founded to address the distinctive legal needs of businesses in the rapidly changing world of technology. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest in technology and the legal issues affecting internet businesses. Combined with an understanding of our clients’ specific business, Sulimani Law Firm is strongly committed to providing personal attention to each client in an efficient and thorough manner.  Read More…

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Work From Home vs Remote Work

Work from home is remote work BUT remote work is NOT work from home. Understanding the difference and implementing compliance and policy will make all the difference in your business. The current pandemic has forced the hands of many businesses to adopt these, what have been in the past, unorthodox work methods.

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What’s in a Name? EVERYTHING!

Deciding on a business name might very well be the most important decision you make; it can make the difference between a strong branding campaign or perhaps (gasp!) having to change your name.

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