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Sulimani Law Firm, PC was founded to address the distinctive legal needs of businesses in the rapidly changing world of technology. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest in technology and the legal issues affecting internet businesses. Combined with an understanding of our clients’ specific business, Sulimani Law Firm is strongly committed to providing personal attention to each client in an efficient and thorough manner.  Read More…

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Key Points of an Independent Contract Agreement

Independent contractor agreements have always been a part of the IT tapestry. Being vigilant in these factors as well as other legal considerations, means you can still leverage this relationship to get on demand specialized expertise and skills.

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6 Known Boilerplate Clauses and Why They Matter

While the meat of the contract is important, disputes ccan turn on the boilerplate clauses since they are often skimmed and glazed over. Lawyers will read contracts like you read a book, tying pieces and plots together to form the whole picture. Let us lay the foundations for you.

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Recent Rise of Scams

A technology attorney keeps up to date with IT Security regulations and also knows what are normal clauses with your clients, making them a key contributor to your IT Governance.  Be proactive.  Update them today!

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Work From Home Policies

Employer’s now more than ever must create work from home policies to ensure productivity and prevent lapses in workflows across the various levels of operations. It is also imperative to discuss the various ways the employee must comply with policy to ensure that company data is secure and uncompromised.

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