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Your employees are what make your company.  Strike the balance between attractive employment practices while safeguarding your business.

Employment Agreements

In most states, employment is at will.  It is important to draft employment agreements that will outline their employment terms while NOT negating the employment at will.

We can create an employment package that can include:

Employee Handbook

This is an extensive document that will outline all the policies of the company like benefits, vacation policies, reporting procedures, legal notices and other internal company policies.

Offer Letters

Don’t get caught up in putting everything into an offer letter.  The more you put, the more it can be construed as an employment agreement.  The offer letter should be exactly that, the offer of employment with its very basic terms.  The real meat of the policies will go into the onboarding documents like the Employee Handbook above and the agreements mentioned below.

Social Media Policies

With reputation and brand being an important part of a company, it is important to outline to your employees how you’d like them to represent themselves and the company online.  After all, they are the ambassadors of the company and you want to foster an environment where they can be social but not in a way that might reflect badly on the company.

Assignment of Inventions

Generally, intellectual property belongs to the creator of the intellectual property and only under certain circumstances does it become the company’s intellectual property.  For that reason, make sure you safeguard the intellectual property by making it clear that anything your employees create in your employment remain yours.

At the same time, your employees may have created something that you want to use in your business.  That agreement will outline each party’s rights to that intellectual property.

For a comprehensive employment package that includes the above, we charge a flat fee of $1500.

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