Startup and Entrepreneurs

Achieve your dreams and protect yourself…

Corporate Formation and Structure

Starting your company can lead to so many choices.  After awhile, it becomes an alphabet soup of C Corp, S Corp, LLC, B Corp…  Let us help you navigate the different structures that will be best for you now and in the future.

Cost can vary between $600 for Corp and more for LLC.  Does not include operating and shareholder’s agreements.

Initial Organizational Documents

Whatever structure you choose, it is important that you have your documents in order.

Let us help you get your house in order with crucial agreements with your partners.

Shareholder or Operating Agreement can cost around $1250.

Intellectual Property Counseling

Building a brand is key to getting yourself out there.  You can’t afford to get buried in the crowd, shamelessly copied or worse, reinvest in your brand because you discover you can’t own your name.

We can initiate a trademark clearance to give you some comfort while we file for your trademark.

We will also go through the various ways you can use intellectual property to build and protect your brand.

Contact us for your IP assessment right now.

Employment and non-competition agreements

Your employees are your best assets.  Focus on hiring and retaining while we make sure you have the right agreements in place to help protect your business.

Your employee agreements represent you and your business while setting the tone for your employee relationships.

Let us help you put together an employee package that includes offer letters, confidentiality agreements, non compete, employee manuals and much more.

Strategic alliances and joint ventures

They say to raise a child, it takes a village.  Not that different when building your business.

Through co-branding, joint ventures and other alliances, you can leverage relationships to help you build your business and increase awareness in your brand.

Make sure you have the right agreements in place.

Convertible Debt Agreements

There are many ways to raise money for your business.  In the beginning, you don’t want to give away ownership and shares to do so.

Explore the convertible debt option that will give you the investment you need while keeping your ownership structure intact.

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