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Startup and Venture Capital

Find out more about the services we offer startup companies and our flat fee and retainer options.

IP Counseling

The cornerstone of protecting your brand is owning your brand.  We can help you identify the elements of your brand and take steps to protect through trademark and copyright laws.  We also educate you on the ways to police your brand online and through social media.

Internet Law and Security

Let us guide you through website policies, online agreements, privacy compliance and reputation management to give your business a solid foundation to grow.  Find out more…

Technology Law

There are certain agreements that you will use again and again.  Let us put together a packet of these agreements that you will use in your business while we give you the tools to amend them from time to time without the need to constantly consult your attorney.

Employment Law

We can put together an employment packet that will cover the employee’s life in your company to help attract and retain talent.