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Our services include:

Trademark and Copyright Registrations

Brand identity is very important.  It sets you apart from your competitors, it makes you a household name.  Protect your brand by registering your name, designs, artwork, etc.  Most businesses I know spend so much time brainstorming their domain name.  The first step is finding out if your domain name is available and once it is, they are off and running to incorporate and start marketing.  We urge you to pause and take the next step in finding out if your name is available for trademark.  The initial process of trademark registration is very revealing and gives you an understanding of whether your marketing dollars will be maximized.  There is nothing worse than marketing your company only to get a Cease and Desist letter from a competitor.  A little forethought can go along way.

Trademark and Copyright Disputes

If you’ve completed the step above, you are one step towards protecting your brand.  It is indisputable that you own your intellectual property.  We help you police your intellectual property and make sure that no one is infringing on your rights.

Domain Name Disputes

Another step to brand protection is ensuring that no one is taking ownership of a conflicting domain name.  If someone is, we can help you get your domain name back.

Software, Website, Linking, Licensing Agreements and more

You’re ready to put together your website.  Your website is your storefront to the world.  Depending on what site you are going to put up, you might need to use other people’s software or you are using a web developer.  A software agreement will give you the license to use the software and ensure that you can use it for the life of your website.  A website development agreement outlines the relationship between you and website developer.  It can also put your mind to rest that should you choose to take your website to another developer, your code goes with you.  A license agreement outlines the rights to use another’s intellectual property. Your website is there to make you money, make sure you have the right linking and cross promotion agreements in place.

Privacy Policies

Privacy is an ongoing concern on the web.  If you want to get information, you have to ensure that the information you receive is properly secure.  Also, if you plan on selling over the internet, you need to give your consumers the confidence that their private information stays that way.  If you do not properly outline your privacy policies, you run the risk of losing potential customers as well as exposing yourself to liability.  Make sure your consumers know what information you are harvesting.  Honesty is the foundation of any good relationship.

Terms and Conditions

Reiterating the sentiment of privacy policies, terms and conditions is a contract between you and your visitors.  It tells them what you expect of them and what they can expect of you while on your site.  Ambiguities are not a good way to gain the trust of your customers.

Website Audits

We can take a look at your website to make sure that your are not potentially infringing on anyone’s intellectual property, we will alert you to possible intellectual property rights you may have, ensure that you have the proper disclaimers, terms and condition and privacy policies.  Like your website updates constantly, you need to stay abreast of potential legal issues on your website.

Social Media Checkup

With networking and social media sites, your business would be amiss not to utilize those tools to get in front of potential customers.  We’ll build a plan that will help you monitor your brand online.  We’ll identify your intellectual property and help you monitor your brand and reputation.  With a proactive approach you can utilize social media to build your brand.

Contract Review

Know what you are signing before you sign.  Having your attorney review and even negotiate the contract before you sign will help you know what your rights and obligations are.  Making sure to limit ‘surprises’ later on.

Business Formation

We can identify the proper legal entity for you and your business.  Not everyone needs or should be an LLC.  We can go over your options to protect you personally.

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