On Demand and at Your Fingertips

Your attorney should be a strategic partner and we want you to be able to involve us with your business development without worrying about your legal fees.

For that, we have devised recurring retainer fees of:

Starter Plan:  $500 – 4 hours included

Entrepreneur Plan:  $750 – 6 hours included

Strategic Plan:  $1000 – 8 hours included

These hours would include hours that are not necessarily legal, in nature, but strategic to have your attorney involved like:

  • Board Meetings
  • Investor Meetings
  • Business Plans
  • Business Development
  • and other calls/questions…

Keeping us involved reduces knowledge transfer and ramp time for us to get up to speed.  Helping you keep legal fees under control.

We encourage communication in any form and are able to answer you quickly and efficiently.

Contact us about these plans to get started today!

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