IP Counseling

IP Clearance

The first step towards owning your brand is knowing if you can!  Thinking of a great name, catchy slogan?  Let us do the initial search to see if there will be any issues owning it down the road.  Through various searches, we see whether it is wise to invest in your brand or perhaps, think of another name or slogan.

Trademark and Copyright Registration

We will help you apply for a trademark and copyright registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office and Library of Congress respectively.  It is important to register your intellectual property correctly because it may be the difference between owning your mark or perhaps losing some of your foothold.  Trademark registrations are then docketed to ensure that you stay on top of crucial deadlines.

Assessment of IP Risks

During and after the registration of your intellectual property, we help you with identifying any potential risks to your brand and will counsel you on the best offense and defense to protect your brand.

Licensing and other IP Agreements

Through co-branding, co-existence and other partnerships, you can build your brand.  We can help you build safe, lasting and lucrative ventures with other brand holders.

IP Portfolio Maintenance

Registering your intellectual property is NOT enough.  You must remain constantly vigil that what is yours stays yours.  Through policing and maintenance, we help you do that.  We utilize docketing systems to help you stay on top of crucial deadlines.