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Partnership Horror Stories…..”Come to Life”.

Dec 27, 2011 | sulilaw | Corporation/Partnership, Entrepreneurs, Technology | No Comments

It isn’t everyday that we get contacted by the subjects of a post and usually, we don’t talk specifically about the cases that we are analyzing. Maybe it is because we might use it later as case law or maybe we don’t want to draw at

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Part 4: Whose Work Is It Anyway? Copyright Ownership

Aug 19, 2011 | sulilaw | Copyright, Copyright & Trademark, Uncategorized | No Comments

So now that you understand what materials can have copyright protection you need to determine whose owns the “work”. There are two forms of ownership; sole authorship and joint authorship. Sole Authorship exists when one person fixes an i

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Part 3: Copyright Term Limits

Aug 12, 2011 | sulilaw | Copyright, Copyright & Trademark, FAQ | No Comments

(and a brief history lesson) Copyrights may seem extensive and perhaps impenetrable but they are not absolute. Congress and the courts have carved out exceptions to this limited monopoly through the doctrine of fair use, which allows for the violatio

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